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  1. When ballerinas spin they extend their arms then pull them in, I thought the extending part was what gave them speed, now I realize I was mistaken

  2. I always did this in spinning chairs. You spin really fast and stick your legs out, then once it’s sledding down tuck your legs in and it doubles in speed

  3. I recently learned that the Earth-Moon system made this type of change. The Earth used to spin really fast and the Moon was very close after the Theia Collision. Then the Moon slowly moved away and the Earth slowly slowed down. Days used to be only 5 hours long!

  4. The same thing hapens to cepheid stars as they expand and contract due to not being able to obtain an equalibrium in fuel consumption.

    Mine is biggest, and i would like a cookie.

  5. Absolutely could not understand the concept until seeing this gif. Wow. Makes sense now, really would have helped on my physics final.

  6. When net external torque is 0 angular momentum or I times *omega* become constant as radious increases moment of inertia increases to make angular momentum constant angular velocity decrease that’s why bigger structure spin slowly where in vice versa case it has high angular velocity that’s why smaller structure spin fast

  7. If the ball were to roll, would it go the same distance when it was large as if it were small at the current speed of rotation?

  8. It’s like when you were a kid and you would spin around in a computer chair with your legs out, and when you would pull them in the chair would spin a lot faster.

  9. I learned this as a little kid in an office chair. Spinning around in it with my legs out was slow and I got scared I was going to hit something so I would try to curl up in a ball in the chair and spun so fast I fell over. I repeated until I eventually hurt myself

  10. Someone’s gonna argue that if you put water on the sphere either way it will spin off… now I’ve gone and made myself sad

  11. I just put my students in a spinny chair that I duct taped to the ground and had them move their arms in and out. It works just as well, with the added benefit of not costing any money. Plus, the kids got a kick out of it. 🙂

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  13. My favorite part is that gears work in a similar way, smaller gears rotate at higher speeds than the larger gears they are meshed with.

  14. So we know planet earth is spinning. Could our planets core be spinning faster? To where it would follow this law too

  15. Ironically slows way down when it expands out again. Good job with the conservation of momentum there

  16. That tiny smile at the end of the gif is the smile of a man that was able to successfully sneak out a fart in a public place

  17. Nice optical illusion too: I can get my eyes to convince me the sphere is rotating in either direction.

    Or shit. Maybe I need glasses.

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