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  1. I helped shear a number of sheep over the course of a day at a friend’s farm. One thing that really stuck with me was just how great my skin felt after absorbing so much lanolin from the wool. God, my hands were so soft the next day.

  2. I want to volunteer to give sheep lots of pets after they get sheared so that they know they are good sheep

  3. FYI this is pretty gentle compared to how it’s usually done. Sheep usually get thrown around a bit more. it’s not really bad though coz it’s only a few minutes once a year. when these guys do hundreds in a day you have to give up trying to move it around softly.

    source – family had several hundred head of sheep growing up. (though I never sheared any).

    also I would say ‘shorn’ not ‘sheared’ but I just looked it up and it’s dialect specific. both are apparently acceptable.


  4. My older brother would show sheep growing up on my parents’ farm and they loved being sheared. I’d smile watching them prance around after being cleaned up, it must have felt great for them.

    However if said sheep was not used to the process they did freak a bit the first time and we’d all have to hold her still.

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