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In1991, hikers in the Italian Alps came across a dead body. But this was no normal John Doe case: The guy had actually been dead for about 5300 years, frozen and completely protected by a mountain glacier that had actually begun to melt. Known as Ötzi, or the Iceman, he has actually turned into one of the most popular and well-studied natural mummies worldwide. Now, scientists have actually offered a in-depth chemical analysis of his last meal and discovered it was abundant in fat.

As explained in previous accounts, Ötzi had a entirely complete stomach when he was shot with an arrow and passed away. In the brand-new research study researchers measured the ancient DNA, proteins, and other chemicals protected in his stomach contents. Fat residues, which DNA shows originated from red deer and ibex, comprised about 50% of the total undigested food in his stomach, the group composes today in CurrentBiology

Although one meal does not expose a life time’s diet plan, a high-fat diet plan might have offered Ötzi the energy he had to endure at high elevations. The Iceman’s last meal was well balanced with grains from einkorn wheat and traces of a genus of poisonous ferns called bracken. Researchers state he might have taken in the bracken as medication to deal with parasites formerly recognized in his intestinal tracts– or he might have merely utilized the fern to cover his other food and consumed its poisonous spores inadvertently.

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