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  1. Who is in charge of these gif cut offs? Seriously, every time there is a gif that gets to an interestign point it always cuts off when it gets good.

  2. My step dad had a drop of sweat roll off his nose while smelting lead for bullets one day. It sounded like an M-80 and knocked him right off his stool. He kept a towel handy after that.

  3. I did this as a kid once. Took a spoon, my dads blowtorch and some solder. Melted the solder and dropped it into a glass mason jar full of cold water.

    Jar explodes, Mom yells from upstairs “what was that noise” I panic and run outside with the blowtorch.

  4. The gif making websites should automatically add 5 seconds to the end of each one made. It is beyond annoying at this point.

  5. A few years ago on new years friends and I heated up some lead wire and dropped it in water, then we read each others future fortune based on how their “drop” came out.

    Mine was “spikey with some smooth parts” which was pretty accurate actually heh.

  6. Technically not a chemical reaction. You start with lead and water – you end with lead and water (and water vapor). Just sayin’. High school science teacher checking in…

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