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  1. Explanation from original thread:

    > Fourth of July is around the corner, so some biological pyrotechnics seem appropriate!

    >Using a specialized microscope equipped with a time-lapse camera to image fluorescence-tagged proteins in real-time, researchers captured a critical step in the process of cell division: how filaments called microtubules (red) form new branches (green) and fan out to form mitotic spindles.

    >This particular experimental system studies the dynamics of microtubules in a cell-free extract of cytoplasm taken from the egg of an African clawed frog. The researchers are trying to learn how to build mitotic spindles, molecule by molecule, in the lab. Such an achievement would mark a major step forward in understanding the complicated mechanics of cell division, which, when disrupted, can cause cancer and many other health problems.

    >This video was recorded as a positive control to test whether microtubules in the lab’s cell-free system were branching correctly before performing an experiment.

    >The team’s research is available [here]( and [here](

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