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  1. This is actually a great representation to the current limiting factor in car top speeds. The aerodynamics and horsepower are easy, the tires on a Chiron doing 270mph are being subjected to a 4000g load.

  2. I remember back in the day (early 2000s?) when CDROM drives in computers where getting faster and faster and there were some reports that some CDs in the 48x and 52x drives were shattering. And then the videos appeared of people putting CDs on their power drill bits and it became fun to see which manufacturers held up the best against high speeds.

    EDIT: here’s a Slo Mo Guys video showing a CD exploding:

  3. I thought the centripetal force was the thing holding it together and the centrifugal force was tearing it apart. Centripetal means center seeking so that would not be the destructive force. Correct me if I’m wrong,

  4. I’d like to point out that they’re using a sand blaster as a means of driving the wheel. The heat generated from the friction could be contributing significantly to the wheel’s behavior.

  5. I’d like to point out that this is actually a result of the centrifugal force, not the centripetal force. Both forces are at play here, as both are necessary for circular motion to happen, but the centripetal force pulls toward the center of the circle, while the centrifugal force pulls away from the circle.

    An easy way to remember this is that the centri**pit**al forces is like falling into a pit, while the centei**fug**al force is like a refugee fleeing from the center.

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