Race Is Not a Genomic Phenomenon

ColumbiaUniversity Press, June 2018In 2 viewpoint pieces that ran previously this year in TheNew York Times,David Reich, teacher of human genes at Harvard University, talked about the genes of... Read more »

400 Marshmallows in a vacuum

400Marshmallows in a vacuum Read more »

The Right Squeeze for Quantum Computing

A brand-new theoretical design including squeezing light to simply the correct amount to precisely transfer details utilizing subatomic particles is bringing us closer to a brand-new period of computing.... Read more »

Heavier astronauts have higher risk of post-flight eye changes

Bethesda,Md. (May31, 2018)–New research study recommends that changes in the eye that take place throughout spaceflight might be connected to just how much an astronaut weighs. The study is... Read more »

Walmart goes upscale with personal shopper service (Update)

JennyFleiss, who signed up with Walmart in 2015, is heading the Jetblack platform that permits consumers to buy products through text. Walmart on Thursday revealed a brand-new concierge shopping... Read more »

A long search for long wavelengths

A excellent sensing unit system The NANOGrav detection system is based upon pulsar signal timing. Pulsars discharge beams of radio waves that sweep throughout Earth as they turn. Because... Read more »