Lemurs can smell weakness in each other

IMAGE: Ring- trailed lemurs such as these at the Duke Lemur Center can inform that a fellow lemur is weaker simply by the natural fragrances they leave, scientists report.... Read more »

How smart technology gadgets can avoid speed limits

IMAGE: Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology have actually found why there is a speed limitation on how quick the homes of light can be altered with the aid... Read more »

X-Ray of someone drinking a Barium Cocktail

X-Rayof someone drinking a Barium Cocktail Read more »

New insights bolster Einstein’s idea about how heat moves through solids

New research study about the transfer of heat– basic to all products– recommends that in thermal insulators, heat is communicated by atomic vibrations and by random hopping of energy... Read more »

Once-Dreaded Poliovirus Could Treat Brain Cancer

. Polio was a disastrous illness prior to the advancement of the polio vaccine. But now, this once-feared infection may assist treat another lethal health problem– brain cancer. .... Read more »

Microscopic Laser Attracting Attention – Science and Technology Research News

A laser too little to be seen by the naked eye has actually taken the research world by storm. Locally at DTU Fotonik, where it was established, and globally,... Read more »

Japan’s new asteroid probe reaches its target after 3.2-billion-kilometer journey | Science

Ryugu, envisioned by a cam aboard Hayabusa 2 from a range of about 22 kilometers. JAXA, University of Tokyo & & partners SAGAMIHARA, JAPAN–After 3.5 years taking a trip... Read more »

Jupiter 20 minute timelapse

Jupiter20 minute timelapse Read more »

A demo of air resistance

Ademo of air resistance Read more »

Anodizing Titanium

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