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  1. If you removed the wand early, would the titanium remain whatever color it was at that time? I’d like to stop it on blue.

  2. For anyone wondering. This over denture bar was likely designed on a digital CAD/CAM system and CNC milled from a block of titanium. After the processing, it is polished to a high shine. Cleaned in an ultrasonic bath with ammonia, etched in acid, and then anodized through electrolysis in a conductive solution. This is likely a bath of water/detergent. A Stainless Steel cathode (-) is resting in the bath under the mesh while a Titanium or Nobium anode(+) touches the Titanium bar to complete the DC current. You can buy a Titanium anodizing kit like this one for around $200USD.

  3. If you held the wand in one hand and stuck your finger in the water, would you anodize titanium with your finger or just die or both?

  4. Is it in nitric acid? What’s the advantage of anodizing aluminum? Is the wand just an electric element?

  5. Fun fact: High end body jewelry (made of implant grade titanium; ASTM F-138) can have this done to it to give your jewelry a fancy new look. The only down side (to any anodizing) is that you can only go forward on the color chart, no going back.

    Also, that color is generally what body piercers call Pink Gold or “Evil” Gold because the voltage is usually 66.6.

  6. Is anodizing something people can do at home? I have an old belt buckle that’s turning copper colored because whatever silvery-colored metal it has on the outside is wearing off. I’d love to fix it since I haven’t been able to find a similar buckle anywhere.

  7. Does anyone have info to share on how I could do something like this with a sample of titanium and the equipment that would be used? This would be a really cool demo for electrochemistry.

  8. Amazing! I’ve gotten into knives fairly recently and in r/knifeclub people always talk about anodizing their titanium knives, but I’ve never seen it done. That is so cool, thank you for sharing.

  9. Those home anodizing and nickle plating kits are really neat. Every bolt or small bracket I remove on my cars gets a go at it.

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