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  1. I guess I’m missing the visual part of the chemical reaction? I see powder poured into a clear liquid, and then a clump of wet powder at the end?

  2. Lots of wrong info in comments, (once again) It’s a basic single replacement reaction between zinc (a metal element) which switches with lead in lead acetate. You’re left with lead (metal lump) and then also zinc acetate(liquidy)

  3. Literally every video on this channel.
    >Hey guys, today I was thinking of making YZ, but it turns out that I didn’t have any Z left, so we’ll be making YF instead.

  4. This is a shit video of a boring interaction with a mildly Interesting precipitate that is immediately ruined by the aforementioned shitty video and compounded by op’s inability to see any of this or provide context or direction. If I have to Google the reaction to find another video or an explanation of it to find what’s going on or if it’s even interesting….spoiler alert it isn’t a visually stimulating gif. Gtfo

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