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  1. Oh shit my nana made a sauce from these this autumn. Going mushroom picking with your family is just the most relaxing thing.

  2. The internals are not already oxidised. Does that mean that the mushroom flesh is very impenetrable to oxygen (and perhaps air in general), or is there some counteracting reaction that breaks down the oxide quicker than it can form in the bulk of the mushroom?

  3. This should be hallucinogenic as fuck based on it’s aesthetics, but it probably just fucking makes you sick or die.

  4. My childhood ate a handful of these when we were kids, and didn’t die.

    He also didn’t have a drug experience, nor did he get sick.

    He did however die later in his years from the opioid epidimic.

  5. A mushroom enthusiast friend of mine is a chemist. He took one of these mushrooms into an inert air glove box (a box filled is Nitrogen gas that contains virtually no oxygen), broke the mushroom and it still turned blue.

    It turns out that this kind of oxidation is enzymatic rather than aerobic, which I thought was a pretty cool experiment.

  6. They always said this was how you tell if a mushroom is magic or not. You take the stem and squeeze it, and if it “bruises blue”, it’s more likely to be a psilocybin.

    Although this is obviously *not* a psilocybin, further reminding people to never trust a mushroom that you found. It could be bad. It could be a drug dealer mushroom looking to rob your poor mother.

  7. I feel tricked. Someone showed me this gif a few years back and told me it was some crazy psychedelic mushroom that was “too potent”.
    Should have known i guess but damn 🙁

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