The EPA thinks its hurricane response was so great it ordered special coins for everyone

Welcome to today’s episode of Trump’s America, where the Mr. Burns of the EPA invested $8,522.50 on some fancy coins to commemorate the method his company dealt with in 2015’s hurricane and wildfire seasons. Excellent.

Here’s the sitch: The EPA contracted with a business called “Lapel Pins Plus” so that it can offer its staff members celebratory “challenge coins.” The company ordered 1,750special little coins with special little display screen cases to praise staff members for “PROTECTING HUMAN HEALTH AND THE ENVIRONMENT ALL ACROSS AMERICA.” (That’s composed on the coins, OK? It’s really cool and chill.)

TheEPA plainly had not read the news about Puerto Rico when it ordered thecoins We still have no idea precisely the number of individuals in the United States area passed away due to the fact that of Hurricane Maria, however a Harvard research study price quotes it was around 5,000 or more. Some towns still don’t have power, and it’s been 9 months because the storm hit. Residents are battling with an extraordinary mental health crisis.

And as for the other cyclones in 2015: When Harvey and Irma struck, Pruitt kept hectic by disparaging discussions about climate change— that is, when he wasn’tgiving interviews to right-wing media and attempting to roll back even more regulations TheEPA was slow to respond to Hurricane Harvey, leaving citizens exposed to contamination.

Does all this seem like a task well done to you?

Pruitt appears to believe so– or possibly he simply truly, truly desires specialcoins He tried to get some in 2015, however they were never ever ordered.

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