Krypton, krypton + iodine, and xenon-filled discharge tubes

Krypton,krypton + iodine, and xenon-filled discharge tubes

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  1. Anyone care to explain what’s going on in the Kr + I tube? Noting that the operator ran their finger across the tube I’m guessing higher impedance is playing a role?

  2. Fun Fact: Xenon Gas is a dissociative anesthetic gas like Nitrous Oxide and research is underway to build machines to recycle it out of the air in a room and recompress it for use in conjunction with a tank of xenon to reduce cost to or below the cost of using nitrous. As it is an elemental, nonreactive gas, the body does not metabolize it and you simply breathe it out.

  3. These are all underpumped. The snaking come from the electrons having just enough of a path to complete the circuit and ignite. If there was more gas, they’d glow more like neon or argon tubes do with a steady glow.
    Source: worked in a neon shop for three years.

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