Rosyanka got its name because of small droplets of sticky liquid, located on the hairs covering the leaves (from the Greek drosos – “dew”).

Rosyankagot its name because of small droplets of sticky liquid, located on the hairs covering the leaves (from the Greek drosos – “dew”). It is these droplets that help the plant to hunt, and thus live.

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  1. Im just going to take a moment an appreciate the fact that there aren’t any plants trying to hunt me.

  2. That was surprisingly disturbing/hard to watch.. it struggled more and more frantically as it bent backwards

  3. How does the fly get consumed after being restrained? With the carnivorous plants I’ve seen there’s usually some vessel of some sort to hold the bug while it’s digested.

  4. Trichomes!

    Similar to the ones on marijuana!! Except the ones on marijuana are glands that store THC-A for immune system purposes.

  5. His buddy comes in from the left machete in his first leg. His stout fly body pulsing with adrenaline. “Not my friend!”, he screams slashing at the tentacles pinning his friend. He circled round for another pass. He felt some slime on his back, it was risky to take another pass, but he couldn’t leave Reginold there to die like his brother had: helplessly trapped, alone, being digested by this monster plant. With this firmly in his fly mind he set his resolve and swooped in again.

  6. Reminds me of the scene in the Incredibles where Mr. Incredible gets trapped by those expanding black blobs

  7. That’s amazing! I wonder if it would react to anything touching it? Like even a cigarette bud? I often get told “plants have feelings” which from an evolutionary perspective, this would make no sense.

  8. I came across this gif right when “Hot For Teacher” started on my playlist. Made it look like the fly was going at it with that opening drum solo!

  9. We call them sun dews. I grow these. There’s red ones and white ones. And it’s an absolutely beautiful plant!

  10. used to see these on lakeshores only accessible by logging road in BC when I was younger. Noticed lots of gnats stuck on their petals and thought it was cool how they’d suck up onto my finger when I touched those short red protuberances they have. Even went as far as to taste their dew which I remember as being sweet.

  11. So awesome would be to own a couple of these at home. Florida mosquitoes are a pain in the ass.

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