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  1. My favorite type of reaction! It is super interesting to model these because they oscillate around an equilibrium instead of getting to equilibrium. The [Oregonator]( model is the simplest model of oscillating reactions like this, and requires a minimum of 5 reactions.

  2. I see this when I close my eyes sometimes. I’ve spent many a night trying to fall asleep to this visual.

  3. This is oddly hypnotizing. Also looks like a time lapse of bacteria/mold growing a petri dish 🤔

  4. For those wonering, the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction is the reaction of acid with the human brain.

  5. I did research in undergrad on chaotic reacting flows and used the BZ reaction daily. It was really fun to play with but also got a bit hard to deal with. It liked to spuriously start reacting. There was another formulation that could be controlled with light but was much more expensive to make.

  6. Holy shit it looks like mescaline visuals! LSD or shrooms are similar. First hallucinogen I ever took, stared at a wall for about an hour watching this exact type visual thing in the pattern of the stucco lol. The next 6 hours were just as entertaining.

  7. As a clinical lab guy, I thought this was swarming Proteus in a petri dish before the animation started.

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