How to build a human by Eleanor Lutz from

Howto build a human by Eleanor Lutz from

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  1. After the fertilization, where [female]( and [male]( gametes form the [zygote] ( cells will form the [diploid]( [blastomere]( **A**

    After four devisions, the thingy has 16 cells and is now called a [morula]( **F** Until now, the cluster of cell was in the [fallopian tube]( but will typically now have reached the [uterus]( where the [implantation]( into the [endometrium]( takes place. When the implantation takes place, the morula will have already formed a [blastocyst]( **G** with an outer cell layer, a fluid filled cavity and the inner cell mass (ICM)**H** that will later form the [embryo](

    Because the implantation is a crucial step and leads to a high investment of the mother, the immune system of the mother will try to only allow healthy blastocysts to implant themselves.

    It now gets oxygen and nutrients from it’s mother, blood vessels are formed around it because of raised progesterone levels. This is mediated through the embryo, who now controls the hormonal system of the mother with [hCG]( hormone, and can protect itself against the immune system of the mother. **K**

    [Here]( you can learn more about the germ layers **O, P**, who develop during the embryogenesis and whose formations are shown in different colors.

    Now the [neurulation]( **Q, R, S** takes place which folds the neural plate into the neural tube which later differentiates into spinal cord and brain, forming the [central nervous system](

    After day 23 / **B1** the [human embryogenisis]( has built the [fetus]( who will form organs, extremitys and continue to grow until birth.

    *Step M, T & W are just changings of the perspective.
    The small numbers on the outside are the weeks since last menstrual cycle. Many thanks to [Eleanor Lutz]( for this awesome science gif!*

    *After all this steps a young redditor is born who now freely roams the subreddits of this world.*

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