A new system optimizes electric transmission from offshore wind farms


IMAGE: Scientistsfrom Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) have actually developed a new control system for wind turbines in offshore wind farms which enables power transmission to the coast in a.
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Credit: UC3M

This development, which the UC3M scientists have actually secured by a set of patents, enables the usage of a diode rectifier station in the offshore platform of a high voltage direct existing (HVDC) link. In by doing this the wind turbines rotating existing (Air Conditioning) can be quickly transformed into direct existing (DC) for the HVDC transmission.

For this, they have actually established a dispersed control system which enables to synchronise and control the electrical voltage and frequency of the wind turbines of the offshore wind farm. This enables the transmission of energy to the basic network through a HVDC relate to a diode rectifier station. “It is less complicated, cheaper and more flexible than other current solutions”, discusses among the authors of the patents, Santiago Arnaltes Gómez, head of the UC3M Power Control Group.

Thisnew system synchronises the wind turbines without utilizing any extra aspect, given that it utilizes the wind turbines’ capability to add to voltage and frequency control. One of essential elements is making use of diode rectifier stations, which permit to decrease the expense of the offshore rectifier platform by as much as 30 percent, inning accordance with some research studies. “What we have managed to do is to provide the technical feasibility necessary in order to use this kind of rectifiers, since at the moment wind turbines still cannot work with them,” discusses another of the authors of the patent, Jos é Luis Rodr íguez Amenedo, from UC3M’s Department of Electrical Engineering.

The scientists have actually established 3 patents in relation to this system, which they have actually verified by ways of simulations, small lab models and evidence of idea. The next action is its commercialisation and industrialisation. “Our main clients would be large electricity companies that have the capacity to make these diode rectifier stations,” stated the scientists, who has actually been supported by the UC3M Science Park in the management and commercialisation of this new technological option.

Globally, the combination of offshore wind farms into mainland electrical systems is presently being advanced as a method of decreasing nonrenewable fuel source usage and greenhouse gas emissions. Due to that a considerable percentage of the big offshore wind farms prepared lie far from the coast, a connection utilizing HVDC links (in direct existing) is technically and financially better than a HEATING AND COOLING transmission system (in rotating existing).

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