Supercomputer astronomy: The next generation


IMAGE: With a theoretical peak efficiency of 3.087 petaflops, ATERUI II is the world’s fastest supercomputer for astrophysical simulations.
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Credit: NAOJ

ProfessorEiichiro Kokubo, the CfCA Project Director states, “Computational astronomy is gaining popularity in many fields. A new ‘telescope’ for theoretical astronomy has opened its eyes. I expect that ATERUI II will explore the Universe through more realistic simulations.”

ATERUI II is a huge parallel supercomputer and the 5th generation of systems run by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ). Linking forty thousand cores enables ATERUI II to determine quickly. ATERUI II has 3 times much better efficiency than the previous “ATERUI” system. A high-speed network makes it possible for astronomers to gain access to ATERUI II from their house institutes. In this year, about 150 scientists will utilize ATERUI II.

With its exceptional computational ability, ATERUI II will deal with issues too challenging for previous computer systems. For example, ATERUI II has the ability to determine the shared gravitational forces amongst the 200 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, instead of bunching them into groups of stars the method other simulations do. In in this manner ATERUI II will produce a major high-resolution design of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Computational astronomy is still a young discipline compared with observational astronomy, where scientists utilize telescopes to observe celestial items and phenomena, and theoretical astronomy, where scientists explain the Universe in regards to mathematics and physical laws. Thanks to the quick development of computational technology in current years, huge simulations to recreate celestial items, phenomena, or perhaps the entire Universe within the computer system, have actually risen as the 3rd pillar in astronomy.

“Aterui” is the name of a historic hero who resided in the Mizusawa location, where ATERUI II lies. With his pals he battled fearlessly versus conquerors 1200 years earlier. ATERUI II is nicknamed after this brave hero in hopes that it will boldly challenge the powerful enigmas of theUniverse The reimagined tensyo kanji (standard block design lettering) for “ATERUI II” (?????) created by artist Jun Kosaka are composed on the real estate. .


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