Astronaut Donald Peterson passes away

The last weekend of May saw the loss of not one, however 2 NASA astronauts. One day after the death of Apollo and Skylab astronaut Alan Bean, space shuttle bus astronaut Don Peterson, who flew aboard Challenger’s inaugural objective, passed away May 27 at age84


Following graduation from West Point and conclusion of a master’s degree in nuclear engineering from the United States Air Force Institute of Technology, Peterson invested numerous years working for the Air Training Command, the Air Force Systems Command, and Tactical AirCommand Peterson was picked to end up being a NASA astronaut in1969 He belonged to the Apollo 16 assistance team, however it would take him 14 years to lastly get his minute to fly inspace He acted as an objective expert on STS-6, which introduced April 4,1983 During the five-day objective, he and fellow objective expert Story Musgrave ended up being the very first spacewalkers of the Space ShuttleProgram Peterson’s distinct method to locating himself throughout among the spacewalk’s jobs removed the seal keeping his spacesuit airtight; luckily, the seal popped back into location and he had the ability to finish the spacewalk.

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