Here is what it looks like, when a massive black hole devours a star

. NEW COMPUTER SYSTEM DESIGN:Dr Jane Lixin Dai, theoretical astrophysicist and assistant teacher andProf Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz, both from the DARK Cosmology Center at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of... Read more »

Nuclear scientists calculate value of key property that drives neutron decay

In this illustration, the grid in the background represents the computational lattice that theoretical physicists utilized to calculate a particle property referred to as nucleon axial coupling. This property... Read more »

Electrical discharges in xenon at various pressures

Electricaldischarges in xenon at various pressures Read more »

Polymerization Of Nitroaniline

PolymerizationOf Nitroaniline Read more »

Wolf Pack Attacking A Bison [x-post from r/WTF]

WolfPack Attacking A Bison [x-post from r/WTF] Read more »

Recycled electrical products lead to hazardous chemicals appearing in everyday items

IMAGE: Dr Andrew Turner with items made from black plastic that were evaluated as part of the research study. see more Credit: University of Plymouth Hazardouschemicals such as bromine,... Read more »

NASA Administrator Reflects on Legacy Record-Breaking Skylab, Apollo Astronaut

The following is a declaration from NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine on the death of Apollo and Skylab astronaut Alan Bean: “AlanBean when stated ‘I have the nicest life in... Read more »

Flexing your knuckles under a fluoroscope [found in /r/educationalgifs]

Flexingyour knuckles under a fluoroscope [found in /r/educationalgifs] Read more »

Better, Faster, Stronger: Building Batteries That Don’t Go Boom

There’s an old expression: “You must learn to walk before you learn to run.” Despite such knowledge, various markets avoid the fundamentals and register for marathons rather, consisting of... Read more »

NASA and NOAA satellites track Alberto in the US south

IMAGE: NASA’s Aqua satellite recorded an infrared picture of Subtropical Depression Alberto on May 29 at 4: 15 a.m. EDT (0815 UTC) revealed greatest storms in 3 locations circling... Read more »