UMD food scientist guides students towards revelatory findings in women’s health

College Park, MD– In an effort to sustain and inform the next generation of food security specialists in the United States, Dr. Bob Buchanan of the University of Maryland has actually acted as a clinical coach to a set of academically sped up high school trainees who are challenging the present food avoidance suggestions for pregnant females as developed by the CDC and ACOG. Led by 14- year-olds Valentina Simon and Rachel Rosenzweig, in addition to expert midwives Katya Simon, Mickey Gillmor and Rebeca Barroso, results of an eleven-page research study propose upgraded suggestions for safe food-handling practices to prevent listeriosis throughout pregnancy. Their paper was just recently accepted by the pre-eminent publication in the females’s health field, the Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health, an unmatched difference for authors of this age without official training or postgraduate degrees.

Simon and Rosenzweig’s report represents an important assessment of listeriosis avoidance standards in the United States. Following an extensive assessment of over 850 cases of foodborne health problem break outs in the Centers for Illness Control and Avoidance (CDC) database, along with many item remembers reported in the Fda (FDA), and United States Department of Farming (USDA) food recall databases, the trainees discovered that the main standards remained in alarming requirement of modification.

” Rachel and I took a look at 6 classifications of foods consisted of within the 800 cases highlighted in the federal government databases. 6 classifications were the advised foods to prevent, and we included a seventh “other” classification. We rapidly observed that the present avoidance standards just avoided listeriosis cases prior to the year 2000, which is extremely worrying,” stated Simon. “We then took a look at the years 2015-2016 and discovered that just 5% of validated Listeria associated infections originated from the 6 main food groups detailed in the standards.”

From there, Simon and Rosenzweig checked out even more and observed a progressive shift in detection of contamination from hotdogs, smoked seafood and crowns, cold cuts, raw milk, unpasteurized soft cheeses, and unwashed raw fruit and vegetables, to brand-new products such as ready-to-eat meals, frozen foods, ready-to-eat salads, and pasteurized dairy items. Basically, these are foods that have a long cooled service life. This pattern sent out up a warning for Simon and Rosenzweig, and they understood it was time to seek advice from a scholastic in the field to assist them comprehend the clinical basis of their findings.

” This is a significant finding for Valentina and Rachel. I was delighted when they connected to me for assistance analyzing the information. From the start, I motivated them to research study and release the overall variety of listeriosis cases instead of just recognized cases. The CDC will just report recognized cases, so going a layer much deeper and finding the number of overall individuals have actually been contaminated with Listera and the causation of each has actually truly reinforced their paper,” stated Buchanan. “Within their paper, Valentina and Rachel have actually released a really mind-blowing table that shows the increase in overall cases from 2007-2014 from non-traditional foods. This is clear proof that extra foods might have to be shown within the CDC standards.”

Upon evaluation of the paper, Dr. Buchanan composed near to 60 remarks to clarify Simon and Rosenzweig’s preliminary misconceptions worrying food science and company procedure. He took a variety of e-mails, phone-calls, and in-person conferences over the previous couple of months. The cumulative objective is to press the limits of this discussion and assemble the significant gamers within food security to establish up-to-date standards.


The initial concept to release originated from Katya Simon, nurse-midwife, CNM, MS. Extra co-author credit is credited to Mickey Gillmor, MN, CNM and Rebeca Barroso, CNM, DNP, APRN. Their paper, entitled “Listeria: Then and Now” is readily available online in the Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health .

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