Imec Presents Novel Organ-on-Chip Platform for Drug Screening


Imec, the world-leading research study and development center in nano-electronics and digital innovations, provides today at its technology online forum ITF 2018 (Antwerp, May 23-24), an unique organ-on-chip platform for medicinal research studies with extraordinary signal quality. It merges imec’s high-density multi-electrode selection (MEA)- chip with a microfluidic well plate, established in cooperation with Micronit Microtechnologies, where cells can be cultured, supplying an environment that imitates human physiology. Efficient in carrying out several tests in parallel, the brand-new gadget intends to be a game-changer for the pharmaceutical market, using high quality information in the drug advancement procedure.

Every year a handful of brand-new drugs make it to the marketplace, however in their wake 10s of countless prospect drugs didn’t make it. However, this journey will have taken a years and expenses billions. That drug advancement is so lengthy and pricey, is since of the deficiency of the existing methods for drug screening assays. These present assays are based upon bad cell designs that restrict the quality of the resulting information, and lead to insufficient biological significance. In addition, there is an absence of spatial resolution of the assays, leading to the failure to screen single cells in a cell culture. Imec’s unique organ-on-chip platform intends to deal with these imperfections and obstacles.

Imec’s service packs 16,384 electrodes, dispersed over 16 wells, and uses multiparametric analysis. Each of the 1,024 electrodes in a well can discover intracellular action capacities, aside from the conventional extracellular signals. Even more, imec’s chip is patterned with microstructures to enable a structured cell development imitating a particular organ.

” By utilizing grooves, heart cells can for instance become a more heart-like tissue. In this method, we make mini hearts-on-a-chip, making it possible to evaluate the result of drugs in a more biologically appropriate context. Imec’s organ-on-chip platform is the very first system that allows on-chip multi-well assays, which indicates that you can carry out various experiments or– to puts it simply– examine various substances, in parallel on a single chip,” described Veerle Reumers, job leader at imec. “This is a substantial boost in throughput compared with present single-well MEAs and we intend to additional boost the throughput by including more wells in a system.”

” Completely the platform is a huge action more detailed to simulate a genuine heart without utilizing animals,” included Reumers. “Contribute to this the substantial boost in throughput and the intracellular resolution, and it ends up being clear that our gadget declares a new-generation of drug screening tools for the pharmaceutical market.”

Imec’s distinctively packaged MEA chip was established in cooperation with Micronit Microtechnologies in the Educated job, moneyed by the ECSEL Joint-undertaking (ECSEL2014 -2-662155).

Source: Imec

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