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  1. Am I the only one who believed the shameless lie that the black ones with red spots were super poisonous for a good few years of my childhood?

  2. I remember when I was little my grandmother would bring me into her garden to go Ladybug hunting. We used to count how many spots they had. Good times

  3. Just think how satisfying that must feel for a ladybug. Just clapping your wings out after a long day at the office

  4. Anyone else remember first seeing this happen as a kid, and getting the shit scared out of you?

  5. I once watched a ladybug struggle to unfold one of its wings for about 10 minutes. The poor bitch wanted to fly away so bad but would just plummet straight to the ground every time. Eventually it started to crawl away and my dog spotted it only to snort it right up her nose.

    She had a sneezing fit and we all laughed. But deep down I couldn’t stop thinking about that poor ladybug’s short, miserable existence.

  6. Ladybugs are awesome! They’re the only big I’ll let crawl on me and be like,oh you peed on me. That’s cool. Don’t fly away.

  7. In terms of evolution, how does having a bright ass red shell with black dots help the Ladybug?

  8. I saw this once from a picnic blanket on a sunny day in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. On mushrooms. Bugs are tiny transformers.

  9. I don’t give a fuck how complex these things are, but I will smash those imposter lady bugs that stink any chance I get. Regular ladybugs good, stinky Fuckers that invade my house every spring dead.

  10. I have a fear of ladybugs. I don’t particularly like any sort of bug but ladybugs in particular have always bothered me. I have always attributed this to how creepy their wings look when they land and they’re still sticking out partially. Now I hate ladybugs even more.

  11. I fucking hate ladybugs. They smell like shit. When I was a kid I got in a sleeping bag (to sleep) but I didn’t realize like 200 ladybugs made their home inside of it. They considered me an intruder and all let off stink bombs simultaneously. I was scarred for life.

  12. I had classmates in elementary school who would pull out their wings when they caught some ladybugs so that they couldn’t fly.

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