How Auroras are formed (X-post from/r/educationalgifs)

HowAuroras are formed (X-post from/r/educationalgifs) Read more »

Neural network captures atomic-scale rearrangements

Deciphering the modifications in the 3-D structure of iron (center) upon heating, from leading, clockwise: The in situ x-ray absorption experiment creates a prolonged x-ray absorption great structure (EXAFS)... Read more »

Withings to return after Nokia sell-off

Image copyright Nokia Image caption Withings makes linked gadgets such as watches and weighing scales. Nokia is to offer its health department back to the creator of Withings, a... Read more »

Trio of genes supercharged human brain evolution | Science

A strategy for growing these brain cortical nerve cells in a laboratory meal made it possible to find more genes associated with brain growth. I. Suzuki et al, Cell10.1016/... Read more »

One-Third of New Heroin Users Become Dependent on It

. Every day, an approximated 300 to 520 individuals in the United States attempt heroin, inning accordance with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health ServicesAdministration But the number of... Read more »

Republican mayors push climate action without saying ‘climate change’

Leadership in dealing with climate modification in the United States has actually moved far from Washington, D.C. Cities throughout the nation are arranging, networking, and sharing resources to lower... Read more »

Here’s How Much Exercise You Need to Give Your Brain a Boost

. Physical activity benefits both the mind and body. Indeed, physicians have actually long understood that exercise enhances believing and slows the rate of cognitive decrease, especially amongst older... Read more »

More important for heart patients to be active than thin

Increased exercise, not weight-loss, offers people with coronary heart illness a longer lease on life, according to a brand-new research study performed at the Norwegian University of Science and... Read more »

Nuclear weapons test

Nuclearweapons test Read more »

Engineers Design Color-Changing Compression Bandage

Engineers at MIT have actually established pressure-sensing photonic fibers that they have actually woven into a common compression bandage. Courtesy of the scientists Compression treatment is a basic kind... Read more »