The dispute about the origins of terahertz photoresponse in graphene results in a draw

IMAGE: Photoresponse in graphene. view more  Credit: Lion_on_helium, MIPT press workplace Physicists at MIPT and their British and Russian associates exposed the systems resulting in photocurrent in graphene under... Read more »

Exercise Warms the Brain, Causing Mice to Eat Less

Straight triggering a heat sensing unit likewise conscious capsaicin in chili peppers in the hypothalamus had the very same result as workout. ISTOCK, ANYAIVANOVA T hermometers in the mouse... Read more »

Neandertals, Stone Age people may have voyaged the Mediterranean | Science

At Stelida on the Greek island of Naxos, scientists have actually discovered stone tools maybe made by Neandertals. Jason Lau/Stelida Naxos Archaeological Job WASHINGTON, D.C.– Odysseus, who voyaged throughout... Read more »

What’s Going On in This Amazing, Snowy Video from the Surface of a Comet

This clip is comprised of 25 minutes worth of images from ESA’s Philae lander, and was processed by Twitter user landru79 Credit: ESA/landru79 . Take a look at this... Read more »

Uranium in a cloud chamber — this would make for the ultimate coffee table

Uranium in a cloud chamber– this would produce the supreme coffee table Read more »

Moon Rising, Lakes District, NewZealand

Moon Rising, WIth Stars and Galaxies In The Background. Location: Lakes District, NewZealand   Read more »

Surface Engineering Gets the Red Light

Supporting optical nanocrystals without deteriorating their electrical residential or commercial properties might underpin enhancements in the efficiency of solar batteries (L-R): Osman Bakr, Jun Yin, Jun Pan and Lutfan... Read more »

By 2040, artificial intelligence could upend nuclear stability

A brand-new RAND Corporation paper discovers that expert system has the possible to overthrow the structures of nuclear deterrence by the year2040 . While AI-controlled end ofthe world devices... Read more »

Different kinds of anti-tank rounds

Various sort of anti-tank rounds Read more »

Liquid cell transmission electron microscopy makes a window into the nanoscale

The research study group develop a small gadget that permits more of the microscopic lense’s electron beam to go through liquid samples. Credit: Pacific Northwest National Lab. From energy... Read more »