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  1. Would have been good to label each, but my guess is:

    1. High explosive
    2. HESH (high explosive squash head)
    3. APDSFS (Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot Fin Stabilized)
    4. HEAT (high explosive anti tank)

  2. 1. HE – High Explosive

    2. HESH – High Explosive Squash Head

    3. APFSDS – Armour Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot

    4. HEAT-FS – High Explosive Anti Tank-Fin Stabilized

  3. This might get down voted because it comes off as obvious or stupid but, things like this make you really think about how awful of a thing war is… could you imagine going through rigorous training with people who you learn their entire life, hopes, dreams, and backstory. Then, being deployed with them and being in a tank this small when one of those rounds that blows shrapnel around the inside hits your tank? It’s a small chance (I would assume) that it would kill you immediately. You would be sitting there with slices all over and through you, with the others in the same condition, if not worse. Then knowing help wouldn’t reach you quick enough. Laying there with not only yourself dying slowly but, brothers or sisters you’ve grown to know and love doing the same… you would just sit there and share your last moments together in some god forsaken battlefield while everything that you and your fellow soldiers would have had in the future slips away.

    I know soldiers aren’t always out there for selfless reasons, and they aren’t always angels. But, signing on and knowing this is not a realistic way you could go is surreal. I respect these people a lot and I pray that as little people have to go through this and other horrible things just because of arguments sake.

  4. First round, HE. Explosive, nearly ineffective against current armor.

    Second round, HESH. High Explosive Squash Head. Designed to pancake against the armor before detonating, sending a shockwave through the material to cause the inner armor to spall off, sending fragments through the cabin.

    Third round, APFSDS. Armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot. A penetrator usually made of depleted uranium or tungsten designed to defeat armor through kinetic penetration. Depleted uranium is considered self-sharpening and secondary incendiary.

    Final round, HEAT. High Explosive Anti Tank. Designed to punch through armor using the Munroe Effect. Essentially a shaped charge with a copper inner liner. When detonated, the inverted cone shaped explosive focuses the explosive force inwards along a linear trajectory towards the base of the cone. The copper liner is essentially transformed into a copper plasma jet which flies out at hypersonic velocities burning through the armor.

    Unlike the video, the fourth is NOT a flamethrower. It is an extremely hot hypersonic jet of vaporized copper.

  5. Folks, if you intend to re-post things, please don’t re-post them in potato quality. It degrades us all.

  6. I always heard about a uranium tipped round that would like suck the enemy out of the tank like jelly. Don’t know how true that is but if anyone knows it’s reddit

  7. This makes me feel like I’d feel more exposed, not less, in a tank.

    You can try to avoid enemy fire if you can move, you can’t avoid a fucking ping pong bullet bouncing around in your little sealed death chamber.

  8. I feel like this isn’t that practical, having to hit the same small area four consecutive times, given that you’d have to use four different bullets I feel like this is neat and all but in practice it’d be far too difficult to do, let alone not get spotted before finishing the job

  9. I’m guessing the last round is no longer legal, many fire based weapons like napalm and flamethrowers are banned and unethical so is this.

  10. I like how you’re showing this against tanks when most of the time guns are used on civilians and in schools.

  11. I don’t know how useful those last rounds are. Seems like the first few broke down the armour a little bit… What are the odds you keep hitting the exact same place?

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