City of Light hosts inaugural International Day of Light

Paris was a location of knowledge in the 18th century, and it ended up being the center of education, learning, and philosophy. It was among the very first cities to present street lighting after the Great Exhibit of 1889.

On the night of May 16th, 2018, (the anniversary of the very first effective laser operation in 1960 by Theodore Maiman), the UNESCO head office, near the Eiffel Tower, will illuminate in a grand design to finish a complete day of this flagship occasion including over 64 nations.

Arranged by an international scientific steering committee chaired by Professor John Dudley, it will begin numerous local and nationwide activities worldwide, which will commemorate a gratitude of light and the function it plays in science, culture, the arts, education and sustainability; All intending to accomplish UNESCO‘s objectives in fields as varied as medication, farming, astronomy, interactions and light-based innovations.

Keynote speakers will consist of Nobel laureates theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, French physicist Claude Cohen Tannoudji, with a contribution from Maria Teresa Ruiz.


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