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  1. Where the solution turns pink is locally more basic, but as the entire solution is homogenized again, the pH will drop again.

    I taught quant lab and the biggest mistake my students would make on this titration would be that they would call the endpoint when a dark pink color formed, not at first sign of pink, when the solution has the slightest tint of pink.

  2. This brings back TA nightmares.

    Student: My titration isn’t turning pink!

    Me: Did you add the indicator?

    Student: The what?

    Me: The Phenolphthalein indicator. It’s what makes the solution turn pink as it becomes more basic.

    Student: Yes, I added this. *Holds up beaker of base*

    Me: No you were supposed to add a drop of this stuff. *Solution turns into peptobismol*

    Student: Ohh I thought we were supposed to add that at the end.

    Me: *cries internally*

  3. Why are you using such a small conical flask? WHY IS IT THAT YOU PUT SO MUCH BASE YET IT DIDN’T EXCEED THE END POINT WHERE IT’S PERMA PINK?

  4. Fuck that shit, we had to get a super light pink in chem class one time and it was the hardest shit I’ve ever done.

  5. I feel like phenolphthalein is one of the colors Bob Ross painted with.

    Edit: changed to painted*. He ded.

  6. I had a lab practical once that consisted of a titration. Just as I went to shut the flow, my stopcock fell out of the buret. Have never done a titration since.

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