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  1. so hard to grow where i’m at, the furnace dries the air out too much. they prefer humidity.

    side note, it was gratifying to see that hornet get it

  2. Do those insects end up dying after a long time of being stuck (not eating, etc.) or does the closure of the mouth somehow kills them instantly?

  3. What if the spider were to bite the Venus fly trap? Would it damage the plant? Would any kind of spider damage the plant? Idk if venom would hurt it.

  4. You should also know that it’s listed as a [vulnerable species](, and that people have been [poaching them to make a quick buck]( Although they’re fairly easy to clone and to grow, you might want to consider where they could have come from before picking one up.

    There’s an [old episode of the Criminal podcast]( which goes into the story bit.

  5. It’s always amazed me that a plant would eat meat well in a way. I mean it’s living perfectly fine off the soils nutrients. What makes it want insects? Anyone care to elaborate?

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