What Is CRISPR? How Does It Work? Is It Gene Editing?

CRISPR innovation is a simple yet potent tool for editing genomes. It permits scientists to alter DNA sequences easily and modify gene function. Its many possible applications consist of... Read more »

Steamy Mug Particles!

Steamy Mug Particles! Read more »


Thermochromism Read more »

Bacteria reproducing

Germs replicating Read more »

120 mph crash illustration [from /r/gifs]

120 miles per hour crash illustration [from /r/gifs] Read more »

Strained Materials Make Cooler Superconductors

Dane Morgan and Ryan Jacobs opened brand-new windows into how pressure changes the superconducting residential or commercial properties of a class of products called Ruddelsden-Popper oxides. (hi-res image). University... Read more »

Uncovering the secret law of the evolution of galaxy clusters

Osaka – As science lovers around the globe quote goodbye to famous cosmologist Stephen Hawking, scientists continue to make essential discoveries about the advancement of galaxy clusters that catch... Read more »

Activists head to court after shutting down pipelines. Their defense? Climate change.

The Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled on Monday that 4 anti-pipeline activists dealing with criminal charges have a legitimate case to argue the “need defense” in court. In 2016,... Read more »

New technique drawing on echo state networks fills in the gaps to simulate how arrhythmic electrical signals go chaotic

Photos of the characteristics of the (a) Barkley design and (b) Bueno-Orovio-Cherry-Fenton (BOCF) design sometimes action n = 1,000 of the test information set. Credit: Roland S. Zimmermann. Heart... Read more »

What can a tasty milkshake teach us about the genetics of heart disease?

From 2002 to 2005, about 800 individuals in Minnesota and Utah consumed more than 1,500 milkshakes, and they got to state they were doing it forscience . These self-sacrificing... Read more »