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  1. I hit a royal flush of once in a casino. It wasn’t a big pot because I’m not great at poker and it was a 1/2 table but I’ll never forget how it felt.

  2. Why does it feel like I have a full house way more often than I statistically should? I know the feeling is probably wrong, but I don’t feel the same with other hands… Am I the only one experiencing this?

    I mostly play hold ’em.

  3. It depends on the type of poker you are playing. In Hold’em, the odds are much more in your favor because you can leverage your choice of three of the five cards displayed.

  4. I got a royal flush in a casual game 5 card draw once… No money or anything… people were just saying “What the hell…” I guess it probably won’t ever happen again in my life though lol.

  5. Are these the probabilities of being just straight dealt, ir is thus after cards have been exchanged? Im assujming the former

  6. I had a straight flush against my in plt in Afghanistan. The whole room blew up. I gave everything over to a pfc and went to sleep, they played straight through to mission kickoff. Best hand I ever had.

  7. Beat an uncle with a full house while he had 3 of a kind with Aces, soooo fucking intense and satisfying

  8. I still hate that everyone makes the distinction between straight and royal flushes. Feels as arbitrary to me as if we had a separate category for 4oak Aces

  9. Tell this to my f#*cking Texas Holdem app!! Every time I get something good it folds immediately or has a straight if some kind.

  10. Is it just coincidence that each higher rank has a lower probability mathematically or were the hands chosen knowing the mathematical probabilities?

  11. It has always confused me as to how a straight has a better probability than a flush. The straight requires cards to have a numerical order while the flush only needs cards of the same suit. Granted, I am a terrible poker player.

  12. Can somebody link me or describe to me how to play poker or hold ‘em. I honestly don’t even know the differences between the two.

  13. While playing hold em, the statistics of what is more likely can be misleading. For example if you have 4/5 cards for a straight before the river, the chance of you hitting is 8/46 as opposed to 9/46 if you’re one card away from a flush. This applies to five card too; you might be more inclined to chase a flush than you would a straight for this reason.

  14. Maybe I’m off base here, but what are these odds based on? Dealing 5 straight cards from a shuffled deck to a single person? Dealing out 4 hands? Do you get to draw any cards? Statistics are well beyond me, but wouldn’t all of the potential variations factor in to the final odds of your getting one hand over another?

  15. HOLY SHIT… I was playing poker online the television and it’s free and is only recreational so no money or anything but I recieved a royal flush and made the fake $200 i bet a 10,000 or something… wow

  16. How is a royal flush different from a straight flush in terms of chances?

    They’re the same thing just different cards….

  17. My friends and I have been playing poker almost weekly for the last 12 years and I’ve only seen a royal flush twice.

  18. I played poker religiously for a good few years. I still remember the only royal flush I ever saw. It was a a district tournament the next town over. Some random guy went all in pre-flop with AQ of hearts, up against a mate of mine with a small pocket pair. The pockets hit for trips on the flop, but this guy had also had a flush on the flop. Then improved it to a royal flush on the turn. The place went nuts! So cool to see.

  19. I don’t get why you have to talk about Royal Flush everytime.
    I’ve seen people playing games where quads beat str8 flush because the only hand that beats quads is Royal Flush…

    This shit only confuses people.

  20. I used to play semi-frequent home games with some friends, usually a few times a month in the winter.

    I once got a royal flush, and the next week another person got one also.

    I’ll probably never see one ever again.

  21. Ok it probably checks out but my full houses WAY outnumber my 3 of a kinds (and I think the 3 of a kinds are special as can be so I play them and get beat)

  22. What poker game is this? In holdem you flop a set with a pocket pair roughly one in 8 times. Is this just showing probabilities for how the community cards run out?

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