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  1. It’s called the iodine clock reaction. A solution of hydrogen peroxide is mixed with one containing potassium iodide, starch and sodium thiosulfate. After a few seconds the colourless mixture suddenly turns dark blue. 

  2. Okay I’m gonna need some more info here. I have the full resources of a university’s shitty chemistry department and need to do this with a high speed camera.

    E: I am in a chemistry class, but am not very knowledgeable about chemistry, they let us use the lab, the equipment, and some resources as long as we provide valid reason and detailed information.

    I am not a chemist, I am a software design major that just happens to be on really good terms with the professor in charge of the department. Sorry for coming off as an idiot, and/or disappointing anybody.

    E2: u/Nov52017 commented a link to a cool video showing it in slow motion, just a shame that the shutter syncs poorly with the lights.

  3. The iodine clock! Did this experiment in p-chem. I used to do chemistry “magic”shows in college and did an oscillating version of this. I would mix it up, pretend it didn’t work, turn my back to scribble on a board like it didn’t work, meanwhile it turned black and back to colorless before I would turn back around to check it again. Kids went nuts. I don’t have a vid of me doing it, but [this is what it looks like](

  4. The only reason I can believe this is real is because the guy stirring visibly flinched when it turned black

  5. I just yelped at the screen.

    I don’t like it!!

    At least with that other one being shaken in the flask changed colour gradually.

  6. I don’t know why but that spooked me lol Imagine if people were swimming in a clear pool and this reaction happened in there… Scary to think about🙈

  7. I’m pretty sure that is actually a glass of holy water with a stirring rod that has the cross section of a pentagram. The effect of stirring is to mislead the viewer into thinking it’s a chemical reaction. Wrong. It turns black the moment a demon enticed by the pentagram enters the water to be trapped for the rest of eternity unless poured over the carcass of a goat.

  8. This is giving me horrid flashbacks to undergrad chemistry titration labs.

    *One more drop… one more drop…. one more drop… shit! too much!!*

  9. Could you imagine if someone could get their hands on this experiment back in the day?

    I can. They’d be burned at the stake.

  10. Can anyone explain what’s happening on an atomic level to cause the solution to go from clear to full absorbtion of light?

  11. Reminds me of a cheeky squid I met on the back streets of London a few years back, took my wallet and vanished.

  12. My Chem teacher tried to do this today, but after like two minutes it was only a yellow-orange, so she sprayed some starch on it and it changed.

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