Femtosecond laser fabrication—realizing dynamics control of electrons

Schematic diagram of the concept of Electrons Characteristics Control. Credit: Lan Jiang, An-Dong Wang, Bo Li, Tian-Hong Cui & & Yong-Feng Lu. Electrons characteristics manage by forming femtosecond laser pulses in micro/nanofabrication: modeling, approach, measurement and application. Light: Science & & Applications volume 7, 17134 (2018) doi: 10.1038/ lsa.2017134

Femtosecond lasers can processing any strong product with high quality and high accuracy utilizing their ultrafast and ultra-intense attributes. With the constant advancement of laser technology, ultrafast laser production might turn into one of the main techniques utilized in high-end production in the future.

Just recently, scientists have actually understood a brand-new approach of electron characteristics manage for ultrafast laser micro/nano fabrication. For the very first time, the localized short-term electron characteristics can be actively managed to control product homes, which significantly improves the performance, quality, harmony and accuracy of laser fabrication.


This research study was carried out by the group of Teacher Lan Jiang from Beijing Institute of Technology, in cooperation with Teacher Tian-Hong Cui from the University of Minnesota, and Teacher Yongfeng Lu from the University of Nebraska– Lincoln. Their research study outcomes were just recently examined in Light: Science and Applications


Over the previous years, the research study group has actually dedicated their efforts to studying unique techniques of making based upon electron characteristics manage. They utilized the temporally/spatially-shaped ultrafast laser to manage localized short-term electron characteristics (e.g., density, temperature level, and circulation); moreover, they customized the localized short-term product homes and changed product stage modification; ultimately, they carried out the unique fabrication approach.


They developed a multiscale design of ultrafast laser products interactions and forecasted that the temporally/spatially-shaped ultrafast pulses can manage the laser product interaction procedures. Additionally, on the basis of the theoretical forecasts, they experimentally validated the credibility of the electron characteristics manage approach. In addition, they proposed and carried out a multiscale measurement system for observing femtosecond laser ablation characteristics from femtosecond scale to 2nd scale, which supplied speculative proofs for the proposed system.


Utilizing this approach, they significantly enhanced fabrication performance, quality, repeatability and accuracy, and extended the fabrication limitations of laser production. The brand-new approach has actually dealt with some important production obstacles and currently been used to a series of significant Chinese nationwide jobs. This unique approach understands the active control of localized short-term electron characteristics in the laser fabrication procedure for the very first time. Additionally, it widens possibilities for the control of fabrication on the electron level, which might offer advanced contributions to high-end production, product homes adjustment, and chain reactions manage.

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More details:
Lan Jiang et al, Electrons characteristics manage by forming femtosecond laser pulses in micro/nanofabrication: modeling, approach, measurement and application, Light: Science & & Applications(********************** )(2018). DOI: 10.1038/ lsa.2017134

Journal referral:
Light: Science & & Applications.

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Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics.

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