Having trouble with making a smooth gif – any tips here? I’ve never had an issue with this before – too many frames maybe?

Having difficulty with making a smooth gif – any suggestions here? I’ve never ever had a problem with this prior to – a lot of frames possibly?

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  1. Is that actually a gif? Because the resolution looks huge, and I’m pretty sure gifs are usually made for tiny and shitty quality clips. Perhaps try a .webm

  2. There is definitely something weird going on. I downloaded it and brought it into premiere and it’s showing the frame rate at 1.53 fps?!?!?

    And when I drag it on the new item icon to reate a squence based on its settings, going ‘frame by frame’ cause me to jump 19 frames at a time…


    Here is a video that i cut out all the extra frames and played at 30fps

  3. It does run smooth if you change the HD setting on the gear icon. Not sure if that helps with your troubleshooting.

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