NASA satellite finds Tropical Cyclone Marcus near Australia’s Cobourg Peninsula Coast


IMAGE: On March 16, 2018, at 1: 20 a.m. EDT (0520 UTC) the MODIS instrument aboard NASA’s Aqua satellite supplied a noticeable light picture of freshly established Hurricane Marcus along Australia’s …
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Credit: NASA MODIS Rapid Reaction Group

Hurricane Marcus has actually established off the coast of Australia’s Northern Area along the Cobourg Peninsula coast. NASA’s Aqua satellite supplied a view of the brand-new storm from its orbit inspace


NASA’s Aqua satellite supplied a noticeable light picture of Marcus after it established. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer, or MODIS, instrument aboard Aqua exposed that Marcus’s center of blood circulation simply north of the Cobourg Peninsula. The image revealed effective thunderstorms circled around the low-level center and extended in a band west of the center.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (ABM) published a hurricane caution from Goulburn Island to Wadeye, consisting of Darwin and the Tiwi Islands. A cyclone watch uses from Wadeye to Kuri Bay.

On March 16, 2018, at 11 a.m. EDT (1500 UTC), Cyclone Marcus had optimal continual winds near 46 miles per hour (40 knots/74 kph). It was focused near 11.1 degrees south latitude and 131.9 degrees east longitude, about 102 nautical miles northeast of Darwin, Australia. Marcus was relocating to the south-southwest at 7 miles per hour (6 knots/11 kph).

ABM kept in mind that winds with “gusts higher than 130 kph might establish over Cobourg Peninsula and eastern parts of Melville Island over night as the hurricane enhances. Gales are anticipated to reach Darwin and the rest of the Tiwi Islands from early Saturday early morning as the hurricane travels through the Van Diemen Gulf. Nevertheless, if the hurricane crosses the coast east of Cape Hotham tomorrow early morning, the hurricane will likely deteriorate prior to approaching Darwin, minimizing the opportunity of winds being experienced.”

ABM anticipates heavy rain over the northwest Leading End tonight and on Saturday. A storm tide/storm rise is anticipated in between Milikapiti and Goulburn Island, consisting of the Van Diemen Gulf as the cyclone’s center crosses the coast tonight. Tides are most likely to increase substantially above the typical high tide, with harmful waves and harmful flooding tonight and into Saturday early morning.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology projection requires Marcus to move southwest, slowly relying on the west. The system will skirt the northwestern coast of Australia, moving near Darwin and Dundee Beach, then Kalumburu prior to moving into the southern Indian Ocean.

For upgraded projections from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, check out: .


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