The physicist who dreamed of other universes wanted us to save the one we’ve already got.

The famous Stephen Hawking died early Wednesday in his Cambridge house.

Later on in his life, Hawking transported his popular intelligence into avoiding Armageddon. “We deal with incredible ecological obstacles: environment modification, food production, overpopulation, the decimation of other types, epidemic illness, acidification of the oceans,” he wrote in an op-ed in2016 “Together, they are a pointer that we are at the most hazardous minute in the advancement of humankind.”

While he forecasted people would have to find a new home on another planet to endure, he also wrote that “today we just have one world, and we have to collaborate to secure it.”

Hawking apparently desired his tombstone engraved with the famous equation for great void entropy that he established with associate Jacob Bekenstein. “Things can leave a great void, both to the outdoors, and potentially, to another universe,”he said in a 2016 lecture “So, if you feel you remain in a great void, do not quit. There’s an escape.”

Medical Professionals didn’t expect Hawking to live past 25 after he was detected with ALS as a boy. He exceeded their expectations by 51 years. So if he beat the chances on his own, possibly the rest people can take motivation from him. As Hawking as soon as stated, “Environment modification is among the terrific risks we deal with, and it’s one we can avoid if we act now.”

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