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Jiaxing Huang

The majority of long-term hair dyes utilize harmful chemicals to cause a modification in color, usually destructive hair at the same time. And the darker the wanted hair, the more chemicals required.

To discover a much better method to make your blonde locks black, researchers relied on graphene, a product made up of a single layer of carbon atoms that’s utilized in electronic gadgets and a range of medical applications. They began by preparing graphene oxide– a type of graphene that includes the addition of some oxygen and hydrogen atoms– and blending it with a gel. Then they sprayed the darkly colored gel onto samples of blonde human hair and awaited the gel to dry, a procedure that took less than 10 minutes.

The treatment worked: The hair strands were covered in a layer of graphene approximately 2 microns thick (human hair is usually 10 to 200 microns thick)– and it stayed on even after 30 washes, the group reports today in Chem The scientists believe this approach might be a much safer option to standard hair dyes, although more work is had to verify that.

You cannot go to the shop and purchase graphene-based hair color today, however the researchers hope that, with more research study, you’ll have that chance one day. And if that occurs you may discover a secondary advantage: Graphene readies at carrying out electrical power, so you can bid farewell to fixed flyaway hairs.

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