Fujitsu Develops Technology to Verify Blockchain Risks

Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. and Fujitsu Research Study and Advancement Center Co., Ltd. today revealed advancement of technology that can validate, ahead of time, dangers connected with clever agreements, which are programs that immediately carry out deals on blockchain platforms. The technology likewise determines appropriate places in the source code.

Blockchain technology, which was established as the structure for Bitcoin, is anticipated to have applications in a range of fields beyond financing, consisting of realty and health care. Due to the fact that clever agreement dangers are straight related to organisation losses, nevertheless, there have actually been concerns with enhancing their dependability as a system. Now, Fujitsu Laboratories and Fujitsu Research Study and Advancement Center have actually established algorithms to determine risk-affected deal series on Ethereum( 1 ), a platform for performing blockchain applications, utilizing symbolic execution technology( 2 ). Utilizing these algorithms, they have actually established technology that has the ability to thoroughly spot 6 kinds of dangers in clever agreements (figure 1), which have the prospective to be neglected in a manual evaluation, and can then determine the appropriate places in the source code. This technology will make it possible for blockchain designers to quickly establish even more secure clever agreements.

Information of this technology were revealed at the Blockchains and Smart Contracts Workshop 2018 (BSC 2018), a global conference that was kept in Paris, France, February 26-28

Advancement Background

Blockchain technology can guarantee that, even without a relied on third-party intermediary, information has actually not been modified, and is anticipated to have applications not just in the field of financing, however likewise in securities management, realty registration, health care, and electronic federal government.

Blockchain uses performance referred to as clever agreements, where an agreement can be immediately formed in the system, and using these, contacts can be examined and performed immediately. Due to the fact that clever agreements are copied to numerous places and performed in a dispersed way, when an agreement has actually been performed, it can not quickly be stopped, and it can not be modified even if dangers are discovered in the clever agreement. In reality, there has actually been an event where, due to the fact that a clever agreement to develop an automated financial investment trust application on a blockchain was flawed, a big quantity of capital was poorly moved.


With Ethereum, one execution platform of blockchain application, clever agreement dangers are organized into 6 classifications (figure 1), however previous innovations to spot clever agreement dangers ahead of time were not able to spot all the various types. For source call authentication through indirect calls by means of numerous clever agreements cause modifications in the info in the deal’s source call due to an Ethereum requirements, which can be abused to illegally avert authentication. Previous innovations might not spot the danger as they might not trace deal internal info.

About the Freshly Established Technology

Now, Fujitsu Laboratories and Fujitsu Research Study and Advancement Center have actually established innovations to immediately spot dangers in clever agreements for Ethereum that might not formerly be identified, as well as to determine the appropriate places in the source code (figure 2).

Figure 2: Smart agreement danger detection and extremely precise recognition of appropriate places

Information of the technology are as follows:

1. Technology to spot clever agreement dangers utilizing symbolic execution technology

Fujitsu Laboratories and Fujitsu Research Study and Advancement Center have actually now established an algorithm to thoroughly determine bugs in the source code that may generate a danger of somebody abusing the language requirements of Ethereum to phony the origin of a deal call, using symbolic execution to practically carry out deals under a range of situations inning accordance with the source code based upon the series of inappropriate processing approximately the authentication guidelines embeded in advance, the outcomes of a contrast with code patterns distinct to Ethereum related to scams, and on the existence or lack of access to deal records distinct to blockchaintechnology This technology offers detailed, extremely precise danger detection.

2. Technology to extremely precisely determine appropriate locations in source code for found dangers

Fujitsu Laboratories and Fujitsu Research Study and Advancement Center have actually established technology to determine to exactly what part of the source code a freshly found danger uses with high precision. This technology makes symbolic execution possible by erasing unused commands from a debugging execution file, added with source-code info, that represents Ethereum execution files, that makes it possible to determine source code places that represent dangers determined in the execution file by approximating the matching relationship in between the execution file and the debugging execution file utilizing info such as the types and series of practically performed processing commands.


Utilizing this freshly established technology, the 2 business discovered that where previous confirmation tools( 3 ) had a detection rate of about 67%, this brand-new technology can 100% detection, excepting a couple of products, which in regards to accuracy it attained a precision rate of approximately 88%, allowing both extremely precise danger detection in addition to source code danger place recognition. Due to the fact that over-identification of danger is unusual, this technology will make it possible for more effective clever agreement advancement, and integrated with the danger place recognition technology, it is likewise anticipated to decrease the work associated with jobs such as requirements understanding, code assessment, and repairing the code. This technology will add to the effective application of blockchain technology to a wide range of fields.

Future Strategies

Moving forward, Fujitsu Laboratories will continue to establish confirmation innovations, not just for Ethereum, however likewise for Hyperledger Material( 4 ), a blockchain structure application and among the Hyperledger jobs hosted by The Linux Structure, with the objective of commercialization of this technology throughout financial2018 In addition, Fujitsu Laboratories will not just continue to establish confirmation technology for clever agreements, however likewise broad technology advancement connecting to constructing safe systems utilizing blockchain.

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