Study reveals that italian adolescents are heavy consumers of caffeine

More than three-quarters (76%) of Italian teenagers who finished confidential surveys taken in caffeine daily and almost half (46%) went beyond the ceilings advised by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The findings are released in Acta Paediatrica

In the research study of 1213 teenagers from 4 schools in Southern Italy, coffee was the most regularly taken in caffeinated beverage and the primary factor to day-to-day caffeine consumption, followed by sodas and energy beverages.

Scientists have actually highlighted that excess caffeine can be unsafe for teenagers (triggering anxiousness, jitteriness, sleep conditions, raised high blood pressure, and other impacts).

” These outcomes might be utilized to notify an awareness project that mainly concentrates on decreasing caffeine intake amongst teenagers,” stated senior author Prof. Angelo Campanozzi, of the University of Foggia, in Italy. “As dietary routines are established throughout youth and teenage years, education to keep caffeine consumption low throughout teenage years is important to minimize future bad routines in their adult years.” .


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