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  1. Why not just use an implant at the #2?
    It just doesn’t make sense for me to the destroy your own teeth even more.
    Anyone care to explain?

  2. My dentist dropped my crown while trying to see how well it would fit before adhering it. Well it fell in my throat and I started choking and got up and bent over still gasping went to the bathroom. I tried to bend over the toilet and throw up but couldn’t. So he sat me down and put this weird suction device on my throat to pull it up and it didn’t come up. So I went for x-rays to make sure it wasn’t in a lung, it wasn’t. So he suggested to me to look for it after I pass it and we could use it. I looked at him like you’re kidding right?!? He says ok never mind we order a new one.

  3. How do they remove your jaw and gums? I see in the gif they’re not attached to a head. Please explain. Thanks.

  4. My orthodontist advised removing all bicuspids when I was nine. I now have a narrow smile, a frowny mouth, and it has affected my facial aesthetics (v. flat lower face).

  5. This is really cool. I always hated the dentist as a kid but seeing these little structures being put in place and seeing the ideas behind these procedures makes me think this would be a fun career. Besides hours and office drama etc.

  6. The veneer gif is spot on. I was allowed to film my own veneers getting put in.

    Got Invisalign and veneers plus home bleaching.Even at a dental school discount, it was expensive. I don’t regret it, I have an amazing smile now for the first time in my life after having the post-braces stained and snaggletooth look for a very long time.

  7. Literally just got back from the dentist from getting my 7-10 prepped for veneers. It was easy, only bad part was the smell of your teeth getting ground down

  8. Anyone that has a crown done can you give me any opinion on them? I might have to do one but the idea of having three fake teeth covering 2 teeth and a hole somehow terrifies me and makes me think that I will feel the weirdness my entire life. And also having to shave off teeth permanently like that

  9. The first one is not a safe/recommend process. We I got braces in 8th grade we went to two different places. The first place we went to wanted to remove 3 of my teeth. We went to the second place and told us that removing teeth wasn’t necessary and that if I did have those teeth removed my facial structure would’ve basically been fucked.

  10. I didn’t wear retainer clips long enough. Now my lower teeth are venturing back to their initial position. What should I do doc?

  11. I broke my jaw and most of my molars two years ago and have been slow to fix most of the tooth damage (no insurance til now) and this terrified me

  12. I like how they made this seem so instant, simple, painless, not bloody, and with no complications at all…

  13. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in #1 surely the gaps in the gum (where the teeth were removed) would cause unstable teeth? Would the teeth end up wobbling? And are there any (other) adverse effects?

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