What are those lights passing by the Tesla car?

Exactly what are those lights going by the Tesla cars and truck? Read more »

How a blood clot in the brain is removed

How a blood clot in the brain is removed Read more »

Cancer-fighting Nanorobots Programmed to Seek and Destroy Tumors

Thrombin can block tumor blood flow by clotting the blood within the vessels that feed tumor growth, causing a sort of tumor mini-heart attack, and leading to tumor tissue... Read more »

In war zones and refugee camps, researchers are putting resilience interventions to the test | Science

In 2015, in the name of science, more than 800 teenage boys and girls in northern Jordan each allowed 100 strands of hair to be snipped from the crowns... Read more »

Ancient Greenland Shark Reveals Its Age in Eerie Underwater Video

. The Greenland shark is among the world’s biggest marine types, reaching lengths over 6 metres. But these fish, which choose the deep, cold waters of the Arctic and... Read more »

SwRI’s Burch elected to S.A. Aviation and Aerospace Hall of Fame

SAN ANTONIO — Feb. 28, 2018 –Dr. James L. Burch, vice president of the Space Science and Engineering Division at Southwest Research Institute, is one of four honorees being... Read more »

New graphene laser technique opens door for edible electronics

IMAGE: A brand-new laser method that ‘composes’ graphene onto toasted bread, potatoes and other foods might result in the advancement of edible electronic devices. view more  Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice... Read more »

The right kind of pessimism can have a positive effect on your life

How many times have you been told that something great will happen as long as you believe it is possible? From pop psychology books to self-improvement seminars and blogs,... Read more »

Maplin collapses as rescue talks fail

One of the UK’s biggest electronics retailers has collapsed into administration after talks with buyers failed to secure a sale. Maplin, which has more than 200 stores and 2,300... Read more »

Lightweight hyperspectral imagers bring sophisticated imaging capability to drones

Researchers used 3-D printing to make the holder (black rectangular piece) for the optics used to create an inexpensive and small hyperspectral imager. Feasibility tests showed that 3-D printing... Read more »